Our Mission

We, the management of Sheltech Brokerage take a vow to provide light speed services to our client with pioneering quality. Increasing customers wealth is maximizing shareholders value, this is the notion we carry for our business. All our decision is based on superior evidence and logic. Through market research and fundamental following, we maximize wealth. Serving our clients, we will conduct ourselves with these principles. Highest level of integrity in service Education of client and proper communication with them on changing market situation. Execution with supreme speed and efficiency Data-driven approach for forecasting market scenario, research & rational thinking at the heart of every decision Innovation for breaking norms and setting finest standards.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the forerunner in the local financial industry in terms of setting unbreakable standards. Sheltech Brokerage is an organization where orthodoxy and conservativeness is cherished when it comes to client’s wealth. But in financial product and user experience innovation, it is unorthodox and future thinking. Our business has been constructed upon the core principle of client wealth maximization. Sheltech Brokerage is part of Sheltech Private Limited, Real Estate Moghul. It is a leading full-service broker in Dhaka Stock Exchange.