Sheltech Brokerage is part of Sheltech Private Limited, Real Estate Moghul. It is a leading full-service broker in Dhaka Stock Exchange. Founded in 2014, the company has already joined the ranks of the top brokers of the industry. The company has a heavy focus on high net worth and institutional client servicing with its fundamental and quantitative research offerings.



Since 1970 we have been serving clients with high quality advice.



We have an experienced team of private client advisers and specialist institutional advisers.



We serve a diverse range of individuals, institutions, corporates and not-for-profits.


Bangladeshi owned and managed

We have a strong understanding of the needs of investors and the nature of the Bangladeshi market because we are a locally owned and managed investment advisory firm.

Specialist advice and expertise

We offer access to an extensive team of private client advisers, institutional sales and trading specialists, research analysts and corporate finance professionals.

Close relationships

We cultivate long-standing relationships with our clients through the delivery of high-quality advice and open communication.

A comprehensive range of services

We offer a comprehensive range of products and services across multiple asset classes, backed by market leading technology, robust operating systems and effective compliance programs.

Quality domestic and international research

We provide coverage of Bangladesh's top DSE listed companies and an array of smaller, mid-cap and emerging companies and global research.

Investment opportunities

We are a market leader in the Bangladeshi equities small and mid-cap sector and have access to a broad range of large-cap equity

Careers at Sheltech Brokerage

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Sheltech Advantage: Your Trusted Broker

Being a concern of a trustworthy group; Sheltech Group, from investing to financial planning and pricing, our goal is to be straightforward and help with your unique needs.

Easy Solution

We have 25 branches, digital booths and extension offices across the country to reach you out. Having digital services including WhatsApp services can meet your any needs with a matter of a phone call or a text message.

Expert insights and investing tools

Make the most out of your financial life with easy-to-use tools and the latest professional insights from our team of specialists.

Our mission in working with you

We believe the more we can make investing and financial planning clear and simple, the more confident you’ll be about the decisions you make. And the more you’ll get from our relationship together.

Whatever you're investing for, we can help

Whether you need a trading account, margin account, IPO account or a Mutual Fund investment account, or all—it only takes a few minutes to open an account.

Keeping your information and assets secure

The protection of your portfolio and personal information is the foundation of our relationship. That's why we offer the latest technology to help give you the ultimate benefit—peace of mind.

Customer stories

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